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Nature World Online Teacher Training

The nature kingdom was created from the heart of Source, and the ninth-dimensional Master Pan and Archangel Purlimiek lovingly look after it. It comprises forests, meadows, flowers, mountains, lakes, rivers and oceans. We are truly blessed to live on such a beautiful planet, and we should constantly remember that we and nature are one.

Diana’s message: “If you truly want to help the planet as well as yourself and your students into the new Golden Age, this course will enable you to do so.  It offers an in-depth understanding and connection to all the nature kingdoms, birds, animals, trees, flowers, stones, as well as the angelic and elemental realms and great Masters who look after them. As you absorb the light of the nature kingdoms and spread it to others, Lady Gaia will bless you.”

The course takes place via Zoom and consists of 24 hrs of training, for exmple, 12 two-hour sessions at the cost of £7922. If you are already a teacher then it is 6 sessions at the cost of £396.

Contact me if you would like to take this training. The start date is flexible and can be scheduled to suit your needs.

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