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Nature World Teacher Training Online

Nature is a part of me. I can see myself surrounded with so many types of plants and species. I mainly see plants and trees. And the elemental/energetic being.


I HAVE my womb blossoming like a flower, fertile and full.

I see the four elements within me too/.

Nature is healing and replenishing. On an energetic level I can call in this energy.

~ Surabhi, Nature World Master Teacher


Learn about the nature world – trees, insects, birds, crystals, elementals and the Archangels that support their Growth.

  • The nature kingdom
  • Nature and Lady Gaia
  • Higher beings connected with nature
  • Trees and plants
  • Healing with plants
  • The Hall of Nature and the Temple of Nature
  • The bird kingdom
  • The insect kingdom
  • The elemental kingdom, including air, fire, earth and water elementals
  • The mineral kingdom
Are the fairies calling you?
Flexible start date, learn from the comfort of your home.
Whatsapp – +91 9920100123
Email – growwithsurabhi@gmail.com

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