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Meet Your Personal Unicorn In A Meditation On Zoom And Get A Recording

Meet your personal unicorn

Unicorn Coaching and Healing Session on Zoom

After being part of Diana Cooper`s documentary on unicorns (I am the one doing the healing), I got many requests for personal unicorn encounters. And with the guidance of the unicorns I created this special offer for YOU:

In this unique guidance session we meet online on Zoom, where you are given the opportunity to tell me about your current life issues and questions. We will use the powerful unicorn cards to help uncover the messages the unicorns have for you. Next, I will take you on an Inner Journey, where you meet your very own unicorn and receive a personalised energy treatment. Become inspired – receive the guidance you’ve been waiting for to move you forward on your path. Finally, we look at how you want to continue in the future – what you want to change to achieve your goals.

Enjoy 60 to 70  mins of magic, laser-focused on what you need right now to make your heart sing. Our session will be recorded (optional) so that you can rewatch your healing treatment, cards and all the tips again any time you need.

If this resonates with you, or if you have a question, please email me. Ready to book now? Use the payment button on my website and  send me an email to kontakt@kerstinjoost.com to arrange your appointment. This unique personal session costs 140 CHF / approx. 130 €/ approx. 160 US Dollars / 120 GBP.

I am really touched by this testimonial from Pat from Michigan /USA – thanks a lot

Hi Kerstin,

I absolutely loved the last unicorn workshop and think of your two recordings now as my way to access a highest vibration when I am wanting clearer energy. Several times I have called the unicorns in while I was doing healing work and there were many of them instantly all around me.  

I loved the explanations of the different dimensions last month. That was most informative.  Your mediation channels are absolutely fantastic with the most wonderful, happy energy.  I only have to look at the energy you pour forth as your zoom session begins and I begin to smile and feel much happier.  It is like a very special place you can go where there is almost a permission or a secret code to just be in the energy of great happiness.  I can’t really put it all into words, but what a wonderful joy for me to know that I can be at this energy periodically.  And I know that more time spent here will help me expand into this energy more.

Thank you so very much for all you are presenting.  In great gratitude,  Pat