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Master Teacher Training – With Meghaa Gupta

Master Teacher Training – with Meghaa Gupta

Do you feel the calling to teach other people to teach? Are you ready to step onto a higher path of service and become a Master Teacher? The School’s apprenticeship scheme has been set up to enable a smooth transition from Teacher to Master Teacher, with your own individual development plan being developed with you during six online sessions of the initial training to help you work towards meeting all the necessary criteria. Please get in touch to get the full details and to have a chat.


The training will take place on Saturdays starting 27th July 2024

For Time and details please get in touch with me on

Email: astro.megz@gmail.com or WhatsApp : +91 9007056166


Message from Diana Cooper

We are living in unique and extraordinary times when the entire world is jump-shifting into a higher consciousness. A new fifth-dimensional blueprint will be put into place for our planet in 2032. It is so important to be ready for this that Illumined Beings, Angels, Unicorns and Dragons from all over the universes are shining light onto Earth and supporting us as we ascend. The spiritual realms have sent out a clarion call to those who are ready to light up the way for humanity. One way to answer this call is to become a Master Teacher of the Diana Cooper School of White Light. We have earned the right to call ourselves a School of White Light because of the purity of our intentions and the energy we radiate together and as individuals. If you feel ready to become a Master Teacher, you will advance your personal soul journey and massively assist the world to ascend. You will receive encouragement and support not just from our Family of Light but also from the entire spiritual hierarchy. With love, blessings and a huge welcome if you choose to respond to this invitation, Diana.


Whatsapp: +91 9007056166

Email : astro.megz@gmail.com

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