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Magical Wish Day – Online Workshop

11 is according to Carnaval the fools number. So 11-11 would be a complete idiots number. But in the spiritual world 11 is an angel number. When the angels send you a message by the master number 11 they are inspiring and encouraging you to develop your skills to help you to unravel your souls mission. So when you have a double eleven like with November 11th then this means a new beginning, positive transformations and spiritual enlightenment. This is eminently the perfect day to turn inwards and manifest that what you would truly want in life. Pay attention to your thoughts, emotions and intuition because it is important to manifest that what is close to your authentic self. Be aware that you are probably at the point of starting a transforming journey where you cultivate a positive attitude, thereby embracing a new sense for life. What a perfect day to manifest your wishes so you can face the winter with a warm and sunny glow. Perhaps you will emerge in the spring as a beautiful butterfly.

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