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Lemurian Planetary Healing Teacher Training

Our wonderful planet is undergoing massive changes by raising its energies rapidly to a higher dimension. Very soon it will resonate as a fifth-dimensional planet and play its integral part in evolution by shining its wonderful light and vibrations into the Universe. The Lemurians knew that this would be a pivotal time in the Earth’s evolution and so they left crystals in the Earth to magnify healing energy for the use of our planet. This teacher training provides you with an opportunity to assist Earth in her evolution, to learn more about the Lemurians and how to work with the crystals.

The course takes place via Zoom and consists of 20 hrs of training, for example, 10 two-hour sessions, at the cost of £660. If you are already a teacher then it is 4 sessions at the cost of £264.

Contact me if you would like to take this training. The start date is flexible and can be scheduled to suit your needs.

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