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Lemurian Planetary Healing- Online Teacher Training

Lemurian Planetary Healing- Teacher Training – Online via Zoom

Lemurians had a deep love for Gaia and the nature world. They drew their light and healing power from the four ascension planets, constellations, and star systems. They left us a treasure of wisdom and healing power in the form of Lemurian seed crystals. Learn to connect with the pure healing energies of the Lemurian seed quartz crystals and learn to use this energy for the healing of the planet.

This course will empower you to share the Lemurian energies with others through running your own events as a Lemurian Planetary Healing teacher.

By Master Teacher & Teacher Trainer Meghaa Gupta
Email : astro.megz@gmail.com

After this intensive one-to-one course, you can lead your Transformational workshops anywhere in the world.

Contact me if you feel you have a calling to take this training. If you would like to chat about it, feel free to get in touch with me.

Lots of Lemurian blessings at every step of your way. Blesses be!

Master Teacher & Teacher Trainer Meghaa Gupta

For details please write to me on,

Email : astro.megz@gmail.com

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