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Keys To The Universe – Teacher Training – Online

Keys to the Universe – Teacher Training – Online

Whatsapp: +91 9007056166 or Email : astro.megz@gmail.com

This module will

  • Enable you to lead your own Keys to the Universe workshops
  • Show you how to connect with the Keys to the Universe
  • Empower you with the confidence to speak about them in front of others
  • Give you a variety of activities and visualisations to use to enhance your workshops

Module content

  • What are the Keys to the Universe?
  • How to be an empowering teacher
  • How to work with a particular key
  • Hollow Earth – the first golden cosmic key
  • The ancient civilisations of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Petranium and Angala
  • The tribe descending from Lemuria – The Aborigines
  • The twelve tribes descending from Atlantis: Incas, Aztecs, Babylonians, Egyptians,
    Innuits, Native Americans, Kahunas, Tibetans, Mayans, Mesopotamians, Greek Culture and Maoris
  • The twelve portals: Great Pyramid and Sphinx, Mount Shasta, Mayan Cosmic Pyramid, Agata, Cosmic Pyramid in Greece, Cosmic Pyramid in Tibet, Hollow Earth, Honolulu, Dogon, Great Crystal of Atlantis and Fiji
  • The kingdoms: Bird, animal, ocean beings, elemental, angelic and deva
  • Sirius – the second golden cosmic key
  • Become a Master of the Universe
  • Summary of the Keys to the Universe

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