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Journey Through The Mystical Realms

Are you ready to journey into the Mystical Realms?    

Are you starting to open up to your spiritual self, your true self but don’t know where to start or how to do it? Would you like to connect more deeply with the magical energies of Angels or Unicorns? Do you feel as if you have been here before at the time of Atlantis – when the energy of heaven was brought down to earth or do you look up at the shimmering stars and feel a sense of belonging?

During this magical course you will have the opportunity to let go of old past life memories, vows, or anything that no longer serves you.

You will also have the opportunity to start to create the abundant, happy life that your soul wants you to have, what you deserve, by tuning in and working with the energies of different mystical realms. Are you ready to start your journey?     

The course consists of:       

– 4 x 90-minute sessions full of spiritual information, practical exercises including colour and oracle cards, magical meditations and includes a 30 page PDF manual

Come with me on this mystical journey into the world of GOLDEN ATLANTIS, ARCHANGEL METATRON, UNICORNS and GALACTIC HELPERS     




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