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Introduction To Lemurian Planetary Healing

The Lemurians were very gentle and loving. They had a great love for the Earth and knew that at some point in time we would need their assistance to heal the planet. That time is NOW.

Lemurian crystals were seeded in the planet to be used NOW to assist in the healing of the Earth and facilitate the shift into the 5th Dimension.

If you love the Earth, nature, and all the kingdoms of this planet that we call “home” this course is for you.

It is not necessary to own a Lemurian crystal to attend this workshop.

The course will include~

Who were the Lemurians
How were Lemurian crystals formed
How to identify a Lemurian crystal
Your connection with Lemuria and the Lemurian energy
How to perform Lemurian Planetary Healing
The 12 Key Programmes of the Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystal

The workshop consists of a 90 minute video plus additional materials for you to enjoy in your own time.

You are welcome to enroll at any time.

Please see the link for enrolment details