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Introduction To Lemuria And The Lemurian Crystals – Record Keepers

About the Event
The Cosmic Moment in December 2012 brought wonderful new energy to our planet Earth and gave us all opportunities for enlightenment and ascension. Our wonderful planet is currently undergoing massive changes by raising its energies very rapidly from the third to the fifth dimension. Very soon the Earth will resonate as a fifth dimensional planet, playing an integral part in evolution by shining its wonderful light and vibrations into the Universe.

The Lemurians knew that this would be a pivotal time in the Earth’s evolution and so they activated crystals within the Earth for us to use to magnify healing energy that we send for the use of our planet. Lemurian crystals are always pure quartz, often have parallel lines on them and when held, the pure light can be felt within them.

Lemuria was a high vibrational golden age; the civilization before Atlantis. The Lemurians were happy and contented. They were characterized by their love of nature and loved and cared for animals, plants, each other and all beings, including those from other realms of existence. Lemurians who are currently in incarnation love being out in nature. Bringing back the Lemurian wisdom involves touching the soil, walking and really enjoying the feel of the ground beneath you.

The Lemurians gathered the divine qualities from the energy fields of Earth and the auras of many planes of existence, stars and planets and combined this with pure Source energy. As they focused this awesome light onto the planet it solidified and created crystals. The crystals were placed within the Earth to activate the leylines and light up the planet from within. Lemurians used these mighty crystals to heal other stars, planets and constellations. Some Lemurian Crystals are also record keepers.

Join this wonderful workshop to learn more about this amazing civilization and attune to the mighty beings who help us access this powerful energy which is incredibly pure and powerful.

In this workshop, you will:
You will learn:

  • About the background on Golden Ages and Age of Lemuria
  • The purpose of the Lemurians coming to earth
  • Information on other very high energy help that is available during the current planetary transition.
  • How the crystals were formed and Lemurian crystals
  • The Record Keepers

You will practice:

  • How to recognize and use a Lemurian crystal
  • Connecting with Lemuria and the Lemurian Guides through deep meditation and receive downloads of energetic healing and guidance.
  • Connect with a Lemurian crystal, if you already possess one or one within the planet.


  • Have an opportunity to send healing directly to the crystals that the Lemurians placed within the planet so that this may be magnified within the Earth.
  • As the Lemurians, we will work as ONE in this light-filled planetary healing work for the highest good of our beautiful earth and humanity in order to gently transform through these challenging times and prepare for the NEW.