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Golden Future Teacher Training

Become a Golden Future Teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light and empower yourself and other people to co-create the new Golden Age.

Our planet is going through a shift in consciousness, and the period up to 2032 is the most important that there has ever been on the planet because a new 5th-dimensional Golden Age is imminent. You have come to Earth on an expedition equipped with a physical body connected to your emotional and mental bodies that give you feedback, and you have a support team of higher beings that assists you on this mission.

If you are incarnated now, part of your life’s purpose is to help shift the planet into the golden future, a time of peace, love, happiness, sharing, caring and togetherness supported by incredible spiritual technology. In the new Golden Age, we will have pure water, healthy food and free eco-power readily available, and the world, as you know it, will change beyond recognition. Right now is the time to bring Heaven to Earth, and Earth to Heaven, and this course will teach you how.

Message from Diana Cooper

“We are living in the most important time that there has ever been in the history of this planet as we ascend rapidly into a fifth-dimensional era.   We are preparing for a golden future of heart-centred community living and personal and planetary healing, assisted and powered by incredible physical and spiritual technology. As light workers and teachers of the Diana Cooper school, it is our mission to hold the vision of the golden future and be the examples that live it.”

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