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Golden Future Online Teacher Training Start: 17th Of August 2024, Incl. Basic Teacher Course


Course Aim
• Understand why you are incarnated on Earth at this time and the incredible support you
have from your Angels and other guides.
• Comprehend what is happening right now and the importance of focusing on the positive.
• Learn about the awesome happenings by 2032 and some of the incredible energies we will
be able to access.
• Learn about the 6 cosmic pyramids and their influence on the world.
• Learn about the 13 Atlantean Crystal Skulls and their influence on the world.
• Understand that as a 5th-dimensional being, you will attract incredible abundance to you.
• Understand that as a 5th-dimensional being, you do not need to own anything.
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• Understand that money will cease to be relevant because spiritual technology will
provide for all. Learn about the type of business that will thrive in the golden future.
• Understand the importance of drawing out a child’s soul gifts.
• Learn about shifting from a carbon to a crystalline body and brain.
• Understand the pleasure of personal expression and living with your soul family.
• Learn about empowering heart-to-heart relationships that enhance positive qualities.
• Understand that parenting a child is one of the greatest spiritual responsibilities.
• Understand that with spiritual technology, you can enjoy comfortable clothes and pure
crystal water and have so much more time for your family, friends and leisure.
• Understand the connection between karma and our health and how new healing methods
and welcoming healing centres will revolutionise our golden future.
• Understand how comfortably we will live in our ecological golden future homes and
• Bring into our consciousness the incredible possibilities we have for travel in the golden
• Learn about different forms of 7th-dimensional protection.
• Understand the importance of connecting now with your mighty I AM Presence.
• Get acquainted with several I AM decrees.
• Gain an understanding of the awesome gifts we will have in the golden future.
• Understand the importance of mastering all chakra lessons to integrate your master
blueprint and activate your gifts in preparation for the fifth dimension.
• Relax and experience the sixth- or seventh-dimensional chakra colours.
• Learn about the rainbow path to higher ascension and the seven places that
accommodate Commander Ashtar’s mothership.
• Learn to work with the incredibly powerful triple Ascension Flames.
• Become acquainted with the Monadic Merge meditation.
• Get to know the members of the Intergalactic Council and learn about their roles.
• Discover who is on the Council of Earth and what their role is.


Please write to me for more information. I am looking forward meeting you!


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