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Golden Atlantis Teacher Training – Online, One On One

Golden Atlantis- Teacher Training – Online via Zoom or Skype

The 1500-year Era of Golden Atlantis was a magnificent time when the spiritual energy of our planet was the highest that it has ever been. The inhabitants were highly evolved spiritually and enjoyed phenomenal psychic and technological powers. They lived in joy, harmony, and peace, honored the natural world, and had a beautiful connection with the Divine. The frequency was nearest to Heaven on Earth.

As our beautiful planet and its people usher into the New Golden Age, we are being encouraged by the Higher Realms to bring back the glory and high-frequency energy of Atlantis and anchor it back in the planet.

Do you feel inspired to step into the sacred energies of Atlantis and reclaim your wisdom and power, and empower others to do so too? After this one-to-one course, you can lead your own Golden Atlantis workshops anywhere in the world.

This training is 18 sessions of 2 hours each. If you are already a teacher then it will be 12 sessions only.

The start date is flexible and can be scheduled to suit your comfortable timings.

Book a Call with Me or for more information write to me if you feel a calling to take this training

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Love and Light