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Golden Atlantis Teacher Training Online, Incl. Teacher Training Starting 22nd Of February 2024

Do you want to lead your own workshops and teach others about Golden Atlantis?
Do you want to be a light going out into this world? Then this is your opportunity to manifest your dreams.

Course Aim
This teacher training course will empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence, to
develop and run your own Golden Atlantis Workshops and Programmes in your own creative
Golden Atlantis Background and Philosophy
This teacher training programme has been developed by Diana with the help of Master Teachers
from her School. It is based on her book Discover Atlantis.

Golden Atlantis was a period in history where people:

  • Lived in total harmony with each other and nature
  • Maintained their connection with the Divine
  • Developed amazing spiritual, psychic and technological powers

The purpose of Diana’s book and this Teacher Training Programme is to bring wisdom, power
and enlightenment into your life and the lives of others.
The time to do this is NOW

Personal Benefits  The course will enable you to:

  • Open your heart and live in the fifth-dimensional energies of love, joy and harmony
  • Bring forward the new energies that entered the planet in 2012
  • Have a greater understanding of Golden Atlantis and how people lived
  • Expand your light body
  • Develop your natural psychic abilities
  • Fulfil your life’s mission
  • Develop the confidence to share your skills with others

Teaching Outcomes   This course will enable you to

  • Lead your own Golden Atlantis Workshops
  • Create and manage a safe teaching and learning environment
  • Develop and use a broad range of spiritual teachings and activities
  • Tailor programmes and activities to suit the specific needs of groups and individuals
  • Relate the wisdom and knowledge of Golden Atlantis to the experiences of your own
  • Honour and develop your own unique learning and teaching style
  • Register and become a Professional Member of The Diana Cooper School of White Light


I am so much looking forward diving into the mysteries of Golden Atlantis and meeting you on a regularly basis.

With love and blessings Cornelia Maria

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