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Golden Atlantis Teacher Training Online

You are not reading this by chance. Many of us have had a past life in Golden Atlantis and are re-membering who we are, all of our gifts and powers coming back to be used for the highest good of all, nudging us forward on our soul path. Learn about the powerful priests and priestesses and so much more in this powerful journey of reawakening and living with the golden glow of Atlantis.

  • Open your heart and live in the fifth-dimensional energies of love, joy and harmony
  • Bring forward the new energies that entered the planet in 2012
  • Have a greater understanding of Golden Atlantis and how people lived
  • Expand your light body
  • Develop your natural psychic abilities
  • Fulfil your life’s mission
  • Develop the confidence to share your skills with others

There are a total of 18 sessions, of 2 hrs each. Start date and schedule is mutually decided.

Send me a message to set up a chat or to answer any questions.

Whatsapp – +91 9920100123

Email – growwithsurabhi@gmail.com

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