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Dragon Workshop – Online

We live in a fantastic universe, and we are truly blessed that the dragons have come back to
support us in high numbers. Dragon portals have opened in Andorra and Honolulu where they
arrive. These wonderful beings gather in huge numbers at the etheric retreats of Master Abraham
in Calcutta and Quan Yin along the Silk Road in China. They come in various sizes and shapes and
with most spectacular coloured energy fields.
Dragons are elementals and do not have all elements. They have one or a combination of any
three of them. They belong to the angelic realms and serve the planet with great joy and wisdom.
Dragons reside in between the 4th and the 9th dimension and operate on different vibrational
frequencies. Their hearts are open, and they love this planet and all beings on it with all their
might. They are here to assist us through the significant shift that we are experiencing at the
Message from Diana Cooper
“Dragons are powerful and wise beings who belong to the angelic realms. Many of these creatures
of earth, air, fire or water have stayed with us for aeons, quietly helping us in many ways. It is
wonderful that the higher frequency dragons are now pouring in to help our journey to
ascension. At the same time, the galactic dragons are returning to connect us to the wisdom of
the universe. We are living in awesome times of shifting consciousness, and you are much needed
as a dragon teacher to help birth the New Golden Age. You may be a Dragon Master already. If
not, this training course will enable you to become one. As a dragon teacher of the Diana Cooper
School of White Light, much will be expected of you, and in return, you will receive many blessings
from the gracious dragons. May the dragons inspire and protect you as you spread their love and
Course Aim
 Provide basic knowledge about the dragons.
 Open up for a first connection with the dragons and working with them.
 Encourage conscious and respectful interaction with them and the expression of
appreciation and gratitude for their service.
Diana Cooper School of White Light Dragon Prospectus Dec 2020 2
 Get to know the five Golden Ages and the roles the dragons had in each of them.
 Learn about the different dimensions and get to know the dragons from the fourth, fifth,
seventh and ninth dimension.
 Learn about the basic qualities of the four elements and work with the fourth-dimensional
dragons of the four elements, and the fourth-dimensional dragons of the mixed elements.
 Open your mind to the new possibilities that working with dragons will bring you.
 Learn how to activate and expand your twelve fifth-dimensional chakras with the dragons.
 Get to know your personal dragon and see him as a friend and companion.
 Get acquainted with the galactic dragons.
 Learn about the ley line system of our planet in the third, fifth and seventh dimension and
work at clearing it with the dragons.
 Learn how to remove the Veils of Illusion with the dragons
 Learn how to work with the dragons at healing different areas in your life.
 Work with the dragons to build your crystalline light body and your Antakarana bridge.
 Become acquainted with the dragon masters and become a dragon master if you wish to do so.

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