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Dragon Teacher Training Online

Dragons are elemental beings. Here are a few ways they can help you – 

  • Dragons can work in very dense areas. 
  • They can purify and clear low energies, stuck energies  
  • Dragons can support you with your spiritual development 
  • They can raise your vibrations and help you see from a Higher Perspective.
  • The dragons support us with the current dimensional shift. 

Learn to connect with the dragons

Different types of dragons in different dimensions

Learn to be an empowered teacher

  • Provide basic knowledge about dragons.
  • Open up for a first connection with the dragons and working with them.
  • Encourage conscious and respectful interaction with them and the expression of
    appreciation and gratitude for their service.
  • Get to know the five Golden Ages and the roles the dragons had in each of them.
  • Learn about the different dimensions and get to know the dragons from the fourth, fifth,
    seventh and ninth dimensions.
  • Learn about the basic qualities of the four elements and work with the fourth-dimensional
    dragons of the four elements and the fourth-dimensional dragons of the mixed elements.
  • Open your mind to the new possibilities that working with dragons will bring you.
  • Learn how to activate and expand your twelve fifth-dimensional chakras with the dragons.
  • Get to know your personal dragon and see him as a friend and companion.
  • Get acquainted with the galactic dragons.
  • Learn about the ley line system of our planet in the third, fifth and seventh dimensions and
    work at clearing it with the dragons.
  • Learn how to remove the Veils of Illusion with the dragons
  • Learn how to work with dragons to heal different areas in your life.
  • Work with the dragons to build your crystalline light body and your Antakarana bridge.
  • Become acquainted with the dragon masters and become a dragon master if you wish to do

Teach others and spread the light!

Flexible start date, we will create the training schedule together.

Whatsapp – +91 9920100123

Email – growwithsurabhi@gmail.com

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