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Dragon Teacher Training In Taipei – 台北實體龍族導師認證課程

Become a Dragon Teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light and work with these awesome beings that are here to support us in high numbers. I will be teaching this course in Taipei with Wang Yen Chi translating into Chinese. For existing teachers of the Diana Cooper School, the course consists of 3 days of intensive training at the cost of £396. If you are not a teacher already, then you can take the teacher training module with Wang Yen Chi online (6 two-hour sessions at the cost of £396) prior to the training. For further information, email Wang Yen Chi at freelandtheta@gmail.com

黛安娜庫柏白光學院的龍族導師,與在地球支持我們的偉大存有們一起工作。 我將在台北授這門課程,由晏祺老師現場翻譯成中文。 已是黛安娜庫柏白光學院的認證導師,該課程包括 3 天的密集培訓,費用 396 英鎊。 如果還不是導師,那麼您可以在培訓前參加晏祺老師的線上師培訓模組(次兩小時課程,費用 396 英鎊)。 如需更多資訊細節,請發送電子郵件給晏祺老師諮詢,Email freelandtheta@gmail.com

Message from Diana Cooper


“Dragons are powerful and wise beings who belong to the angelic realms. Many of these creatures of earth, air, fire or water have stayed with us for aeons, quietly helping us in many ways. It is wonderful that the higher frequency dragons are now pouring in to help our journey to ascension. At the same time, the galactic dragons are returning to connect us to the wisdom of the universe. We live in awesome times of shifting consciousness, and you are much needed as a dragon teacher to help birth the New Golden Age. You may be a Dragon Master already. If not, this training course will enable you to become one. As a dragon teacher of the Diana Cooper School of White Light, much will be expected of you, and in return, you will receive many blessings from the gracious dragons. May the dragons inspire and protect you as you spread their love and wisdom.”

「龍族是屬於天使領域強大而充滿智慧的生物。 許多在地、風、火或水元素的生物已經與我們在一起數億年,在許多方面默默地幫助我們。 令人驚訝的是,更高頻率的龍現在正在湧入幫助我們的揚升之旅。 同時,銀河龍正在回歸,將我們與宇宙的智慧連結起來。 我們生活在意識轉變的偉大時代,非常需要您作為龍族導師來幫助誕生新的黃金時代。 您可能已經是御龍大師了。 如果還沒,本導師培訓課程將使您成為其中之一。 身為黛安娜‧庫柏白光學院的龍族老師,人們對您寄予厚望,作為回報,您將從仁慈的龍那裡得到許多祝福。 當您傳播龍族的愛和智慧時,願龍激勵並保護您。」

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