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Dragon Teacher Training In Person In Mumbai, India

I am delighted to offer an in person dragon teacher training in Mumbai, India. The training will be held at my private space in the green and beautiful suburb of Goregaon. It will be an amazing space to learn in with like minded souls and we will have a beautiful graduation ceremony. Learn to make your dragon spray, connect with your personal dragon. the dragons from different dimensions and create your dragon mandala. And so much more in this in person training!

Limited accommodation is available for out of town students 

This year of the Dragon connect with the Dragons and deepen your understanding and connection.

Here are a few ways Dragons can help you –

* Dragons can work in very dense areas.

* They can purify and clear low energies, stuck energies

* Dragons can support you with your spiritual development

* They can raise your vibrations and help you see from a Higher Perspective.

* The dragons support us with the current dimensional shift.

This training is for you 

If you are a healer/ spiritual entrepreneur/ energy worker and you wish to add another offering to your services.

you feel a connection with the Dragons and wish to connect with your personal dragon, dragon masters and learn about different dragons for your personal development

You know that being a light worker and dragon teacher is your calling! And you are at the start of your soulful career. This training is a great foundation.

Important Information 

The training dates are 6-11 September.  

If you are already a DCSWL graduate, the training dates are 9-11 September 2024. The fee for previous graduates is 396 pounds


There are no prerequisites for this training

Upon successful completion of the training you will receive a certificate from the School certifying you as a Dragon Teacher


When I was guided to offer this training, I saw students from different cities and countries coming together to learn. I am happy to offer accommodation to out of town students. Please get in touch at the earliest for me to organise this for you.


Please get in touch

Whatsapp – +91 9920100123

Email – growwithsurabhi@gmail.com

Request a prospectus for the training

Set up the free discovery call on zoom to know more and to answer any questions

Special Offer 

Register by 11 August and receive a Dragon Blessings Kit that will help you deepen your Dragon connection





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