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Dragon Master Class

The divine masculine energies of the Dragons are building up this week as we prepare for the upcoming Dragon Master class on 8-9 July.

Enhance your healing skills as you work with Dragons to heal, cleanse, protect and invoke the different elemental energies!

Years ago when I first started my Spiritual journey, I remembered my Spiritual Teacher telling me to avoid sitting on his sofa as there was a Dragon sitting on it.

I had no idea Dragons are real. So you can imagine the shock when I heard that.

Many years later now, I began to see Dragons around me after my intuition and psychic abilities evolved. Together with them as my Spirit Guides, I have partnered with them in enhanced healing and cleansing sessions.

Since 2012, more and more Dragons has arrived to Earth to assist us with protection, healing and serving us in many other ways.

Dragons are light beings who exist across the 4th dimension to 9th dimension energy. More and more spiritual light workers are seeing dragons because dragons have intentionally stepped down into the 4th dimension energy to help us raise the vibration of Earth for the next golden age.

My name is Eric. I’m a Spiritual Teacher,  Healer and a Dragons Teacher from Diana Cooper School of White Light. Similarly like most of you, I used to wonder how can I work with Dragons or how do I attract them to join my spiritual team?

Working with Dragons is very achievable. Besides holding a high vibration, good intention and integrity, you can learn the different techniques in this class to expand your spiritual work.

Join me over 2 days on this weekend (8-9 July) as we uncover the “secrets” of the Dragons!

Highlight of the Class

1. What are Dragons?

2. Knowing your Personal Dragon

3. Dragons from different Dimensions

4. Functions of different Dragons

5. Expanding your 12 Chakra with Dragons

6. Healing with Dragons

7. Many Meditation with Dragons

8. Becoming a Dragon Master

Dm me if you are keen. Course fee is GBP 230 per participant.

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