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Distance Angelic Reiki Healing

My healing practitioner journey started nearly 20 years ago. I originally train as a Spiritual Healer in Devon, UK and then later in West Sussex, UK.  This was a beautiful way to connect with universal energy and to recognise that we are permanently connected to something bigger than ourselves.  In 2005, I then came across an amazing teacher, Sarah, who sadly passed in early 2023, but it was this beautiful soul that introduced me to the work of Diana Cooper and inspired me to incorporate angelic energy into my healing work.  Since this time, I have trained as an Angelic Reiki practitioner and as an Angelic Reiki Master, which enables me to offer 1:1 or distance healing. I cannot express what a huge privilege it is to be asked and trusted to deliver angelic reiki, which is a beautiful, pure and radiant energy.

I  work with a photograph of the person requesting the healing as this assists me in forming a stronger spiritual connection.  The healing session will take place at a mutually agreed time. I will send information on how to best prepare and benefit from the healing session. Feedback is offered in a separate 1:1 on-line session, which again, is booked at a mutually convenient time. The feedback session  is an opportunity to share the experience and to discuss anything that came up during the healing process.

Email me if you require any further information.

“I felt a warm and glowing sensation within my body…  My mood was lifted and the following day, something had changed. I felt different, in a good way.” (Clare, Yorkshire, UK)

“Sceptical at first… yet blown away by what I feel are the results of distance healing. Would recommend trying to anyone who feels the same.”    (Narelle, Yorkshire, UK)

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