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Colour Magic And Money

Are your finances always an issue or challenge for you? What are your feelings about money? Do you feel guilty about having plenty of money? Do you struggle to accept money for your spiritual work? Would you rather not have to deal with money at all?

 If this sounds like you, then maybe it is time at a SOUL level to discover why you feel the way you do about money or why earning enough money for what you need is difficult for you 

During this Colour Soul Energy course, we will be exploring your date of birth (your life path number), your past lives, any archetypal energy that may be influencing your finances and more all with the assistance of the magical and powerful Colour Mirrors bottles!  

The two 90-minute sessions are a mixture of discussion, practical exercises and meditations all based around the colour bottles your soul chooses!   

Dates for this course are flexible so if you are ready to make changes and wish to find out more, please PM me x

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