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Awaken Your Ascension

  1. Awaken Your Ascension Course

Many of us are coming to the understanding that we are here to learn and Earth is a Planet of growth and learning. This course will give you the opportunity to connect with more spiritual knowledge about our Universe, and most importantly about yourself. Some of the topics will include:

• The Monad
• Your Soul
• Initiations
• Dimensions
• The Lightbody
• The Antahkarana Bridge

The advantage of being aware of the Ascension process allows us to make lifestyle changes which will naturally allow your own ascention to accelerate.

Everyone has varying levels of learning and the way we absorb information is different for many of us. The content will be varied to aid visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners as best as possible in a simplified way. The course will comprise of factual knowledge, energy activations as well as guided meditations all in a comfortable and relaxed style.

The Course runs over 5 consecutive weeks.  Other dates and times available upon request.

This is a self development course and does not lead to a certified qualification. Self development is the core of expansion of your awareness.