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Archangels Of Nature And Archangels Of The Animals, Part 1

What you’ll learn:

  • Develop a deep connection to the Archangels of Nature.

  • Understand and connect to the Archangels of the Animal Kingdom, the Insect Kingdom, the Bird Kingdom and the Insect Kingdom.

  • Send Light and Gratitude to Nature and Animals, Birds and Insects.

  • Connect to Plants and Trees and communicate with them.

  • Understand and connect to the Elemental Kingdom.

Perfect for you who:

  • loves the forests, mountains, waters and all natural places.

  • wants to connect with the Angels and the Archangels overseeing Nature, the Animal World and the kingdoms of Birds and Insects.

  • intends to send Angelic Light and Gratitude to the Nature Kingdom.

  • cherishes trees and plants and want to hear what they have to tell.

  • loves fairies, elves, fauns and goblins, and all other beautiful Nature spirits and elementals.

  • wants to understand and connect with the healing power of Nature.

This workshop includes:

  • 2 one-to-one sessions of 2 hours each (4 hours in total) on Zoom.

  • Hand-outs, based on the official Diana Cooper School of White Light course.

  • Practical activities and visualizations.