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Aphrodite Shining Star Reiki Attunement Via Zoom

Aphrodite Shining Star Reiki is aligned with the energies of the Goddess Aphrodite, who we are told was the Goddess of Love and Beauty.
She is said to be an aspect of the Divine Feminine, connecting with Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin.
Aphrodite is also associated with the island of Cyprus where there are many temples and other sacred sites in her name.

The energy of Aphrodite Shining Star Reiki feels light, sparkling and uplifting. It is effervescent and can assist you with:

*Increase feeling of physical and inner beauty
*Become more attractive (it creates a shining attractive aura)
*Increase your self-esteem
*Attracting the attention of others easily
*Shining in the middle of a crowd

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NOTE; Time zone is Nicosia / GMT + 3