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Angel Love And Light

This is a beginner level course in Angel Therapy.

We have all known about the presence of angels around us. However, they can remain a mystery to us, unless we ASK them to connect with us. This course will help you to

  • Get to know some of the main Archangels and the Angelic realm
  • Embrace your clairs and enhance your intuitive qualities
  • Recognise the signs, messages and communicate with the angels
  • Meet and establish a bond with your personal Guardian Angel
  • Heal your relationships, career, health issues with the Angels
  • Decode Angel Numbers and read the hidden messages in their combinations.
  • Utilise Angel Light for Protection, for Cord-Cutting and Healing self and others.
  • Understand and practice Spiritual Hygiene

If you have been curious to know about the angels then this is the calling of the angels to you, to come connect with them. You will receive a certificate at the end of this two-day course.

For details Call / WhatsApp message me on +91 9819633301 OR

Send an email on juthika333@gamil.com / juthika333@yahoo.com




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