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Angel Card Readings

Working with a photograph I offer a personal card reading service. I’ve been guided to connect with those requiring a reading via their photograph, which enables me, with the help of my guardian angel and archangels to tune into their energy.  With the help of these beautiful celestial beings, I am then guided to work with a variety of divination cards, which when combined, offer guidance on a mind, body and soul level.  No two readings are ever the same, with the variety of cards and card formation differing each time; minimum 10 cards drawn.  The readings are always totally guided, and from the divination cards, I am then inspired and guided to write notes via automatic writing.  It is these notes that are then shared with you via email and include full information on the cards drawn; minimum 10 page report.  Along with the photograph, you are also invited to ask for guidance in any area of your life that you may feel is stuck.

“Everything you shared resonated with me and my life’s path. It was as if you were reading my truth and all that I knew about myself was being validated in words.” (Victoria, Somerset, UK).

“An incredible talent; profound.” (Mandy, Dorset, UK)

“I still have my reading from six years ago; it has been my life compass on many occasions. Thank you.”  (Dan, Hampshire, UK)

“Eerily accurate…” (Natasha, Almeria, Spain)



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