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21 Days Life Reset Healing (online With Complete Guidance)

21 day life reset
Holistic Healing Programme
What is this all about?
Its a holistic healing programme where i and you together will heal different aspects of life. You will be given couple of tasks to do during this days which will not take more than 15 mins.
I will be doing the healir based on the concept i am targeting.
What aspects will we be covering?
Physical Health
Emotions and thoughts
Self love
What will we have to do?
Small exercises compromising of either writing, meditating or even physical exercises that will take same or less than 15 minutes.
Who should participate?
One who is ready to invest 15 mins for oneself everyday till 22nd December.
The Solistice is on 22 nd December. And this 21days you will be sent healing by me. Continuous healing everyday to boost the whole process.
It will help you during solstice event. You’ll be intune with Universal coding and magic ✨
Starting from 2nd December

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