Be Gentle on Yourself – STORY TIME

By Angel Teacher, Deirdre From Dublin, Ireland

The Chalice Well, Glastonbury at Diana Cooper School of White Light Teachers Reunion in June, 2023.. Amazing Time We All Had!


As the Energy of our Earth Ascends and we are Releasing and Letting go all that no longer serves our Highest Good, so more Light can enter, Relaxation Restores our Vitality and enfolds us in Comforting Love, enabling the Light Energy to Enter and Flow. Love is the Strongest Vibration and when we are Gentle with Ourselves, we are giving ourselves Love, and then we are more Able and Ready to Give Out Love!

It is Autumn here in Ireland, as I type on this Thursday morning 5th October, I am glancing out to my Garden. The Rain is coming down gently and there are some Golden Autumn leaves around the garden, but I can see from my Window that I still have some Raspberries on the Bush. I must pick them for my Breakfast Tomorrow to add to my Porridge. I have grown some lettuces too and kale in Vegetable containers and just love bringing some in and adding them to my dinner. Isn’t Nature just wonderful!

I Love Fairies and glancing out again at my Garden, the little Coloured Garden Plaques attached to the Rose Trellis catch my Eye, so I will read them to you: 

“I’m Done Adulting, Lets Be Fairies!”
“Listen to Fairy Giggles”


One of the Plaques has a Rainbow on it. I just love to see Rainbows. They are Magical and emit an Energy of Wonder and Lightness.
Just talking about my Trailing Rose on the Trellis, I wonder if there are any Roses on it at this time of the year…. Hold on a Minute… I’ll just run out and check…….!
….Yes! There are two Pink Roses up very high, dancing gently in the Autumn breeze. Roses are the Flowers of the Angels and their essence is calming and so very beautiful.
I have a great time every June, when the Roses on the Trellis are in full bloom, giving some of them as Presents. I sometimes wrap them in Angel Paper, to make the gift extra special. My Roses are wonderful and have that old vintage Rose Smell. I love to pick a Rose and after breathing in its essence, then place it in a small vase on my Bedside Locker.
I got the Rose Bush about seven years ago in a Garden Shop, nestled in the Beautiful Gardens in Mount Usher in Co. Wicklow in Ireland. It was a warm beautiful day and this Rose just spoke to me “Take Me Home with You!” so I did! Co. Wicklow is known as the “Garden of Ireland”. I actually made a Meditation enfolding the Healing Aspects of this Amazing little piece of Heavens Glory, maybe I could share it with you sometime…

Mother Nature is Truly Wonderful. I picked blackberries the other day, as the beautiful sound of the song birds echoed through the Autumn air. I just stood still for a moment, embracing the Stillness, the Wonder and the Gratitude I felt. I love adding them to my Porridge in the Morning. There is something so Beautiful and Healing about actually picking the Fruit off the Tree or Bush direct!
I enjoy all the Seasons as they come along and feel ready for them when they do. The Seasons all bring their Blessings and Wonder. They are like the Tides of the Ocean, going in and out and also like Our Breath, Our Life Source, as It Flows In and Out of our Bodies.
I am so grateful for my Home and I love the Cosy “Cottage Effect” in a House and I have Floral Tea Sets and Teapots, Floral Cushions, Pictures on the Walls, and even a Rocking Chair!
I have done Afternoon Tea for my Pals many times and so enjoy getting the Kitchen ready and putting out my “Newbridge” Pink Rose Floral Cups and Teapot.

So Autumn is here, a Time of Golden Leaves crackling underfoot as we go for walks in Nature. Nature, the Ultimate Healer, the Calmer, the Relaxer.
A time of Darker, more Cosy Nights, of Lighting the Fire in your Hearth, be it a Real Fire or Artificial, the Light from it conjures Relaxation and Peace. A time to Gather your Soft Throw around you as you sit on your Couch at the End of the Day.
A Time to Go Within and Connect with Your Light, Your Essence and Bring that Light forward to the World by Your Smile, Your Kindness, your Laughter, Your Joy, Your Creativity. To “Follow Your Heart” with Love.
A Time to Light Candles to Place on your Mantle Piece. I have this beautiful Candle which smells so delicious it is by Yankee and called “Angels Wings”. It is adorned with a picture of Snow White Angels Wings and it really is Beautiful, a Calming Wonderful Smell.
Autumn is a time to curl up with a Book on your Couch, or maybe go to Bed early and Read. I’m reading at the Moment Diana’s Latest Book “The Golden Future” and so enjoying it.

Let me read to you the opening Chapter, named “Your Invitation to Earth”:

“Earth is a Special Mystery School. The lessons and understandings offered are unique. You are amazingly blessed to receive the opportunity to be here. Rejoicing in a rainbow, examining a butterfly, stroking a cat, touching a petal, smelling a flower, paddling in a stream or playing with a child are sensations only available on Earth.”


Amazing, Fulfilling, Vibrant, and Powerful Words. Words that Fill you Up with Love and Light and Gratitude and Wonder.
When we have Peaceful, Loving thoughts, they have such a Positive Effect on Us both physically and emotionally. When we Read words that Relax our Mind and Body, or Look at a Funny Film or Giggle with a Pal, it has such a Positive Effect on our Wellbeing and Self Care!
So, Sending you all Lots of Love and Light on this Autumn Day from Dublin, to Wherever You Are in the

I’ll Finish Off now with a Poem, I have written, with Love, for you All Today:

Autumn Is Here,
A Time for Cosy Nights, Connecting to Our Inner Light,
A Time of Relaxation, Restoration and Rest,
Just like the Trees Shed their Leaves,
We Too Can Let go of All that No Longer Serves
Releasing With Ease to the Autumn Breeze
Our Cares and Worries Float into the Sky and Up To The Angels Above,
To Be Looked After With LOVE.


With Love and Light