Launch of the new Diana Cooper School of White Light Animal Module

By Carol de Vasconcelos 

When you attend this course, you will understand who animals truly are and the process they undergo to be here on Earth. Just like humans, animals also come to Earth because they have a soul mission.

We all know that animals are wise cosmic beings and you will learn about a variety of planets and stars even other Universes that the different animals originate from.

We also tap into the highly evolved cat and dolphin energies. We teach you about all the Angels that work with the animals, and also how to set up an Animal Angel portal.

As well as learning more about St Francis of Assisi and do a beautiful visualisation, we visit Yellowstone and add our light to help the animals.

Hollow Earth is visited, and we meet the ancestors of the animals.

White lions and the Christ light they carry is always a fascinating subject, and this is covered.

We learn about Manatees and that they are in danger of extinction and how to help.

Connect with the Animals

Included are Animal Communication, Animal Healing, Animal Guides, also Animal Card Readings.

Then animals from A-Z are covered, and we learn how all the different animals support us with their energies and teachings.

Lastly, we have a beautiful story about a healing dog.

The course includes many exercises and visualisations to connect to the energies and work with the different animals.

We cannot ascend as a planet or individually until we understand and honour all the animals.

Diana Cooper says:

“Taking this teacher training will help your personal ascension and will also enable the frequency of humanity to rise. You will attract the blessings of the angelic realms.”

Do the Training

The following teachers are now qualified in teaching the course:

The Animal World Teacher Training Programme is six days (40 teaching hours). If you are a qualified teacher already, it is three days (20 teaching hours).

Carol, Sameeta and Franziska are very much looking forward to teaching this course. Please contact them if you are interested in becoming a teacher for it. Click on their names to go to their profiles. Face to face dates can be agreed upon or announced when that is possible again; alternatively, you can do the course online.

Franziska had much pleasure in preparing this course, and she is thoroughly grateful for the experience as it brought her many gifts and deepened her connection with the Kingdom of animals. She thanks Diana and all the other teachers who contributed to making it perfect.