A Journey to Heal and Open your Heart with Archangel Chamuel, Angels of Love, and your Unicorn

This Meditation will help you open your heart to give and receive love fully. With help from heaven, let go of all hurt from the past and let God bathe you in His Love and Grace.


  1. Gently close your eyes and take a couple of deep relaxing breaths.
  2. Breathing in, you are taking in the golden light of angels. See it filling up every cell of your body. Breathing this golden light out, you fill your aura with gold. Continue to take a couple of golden breaths, until you can see your whole aura being filled with gold.
  3. Bring your focus now to your feet. Allow your thick, golden roots to reach out to the crystalline heart of Mother Earth who is inviting you lovingly. Your roots envelope the heart of Lady Gaia and you feel a deep sense of love and belonging…(pause). Let this love move up through your roots and fill your heart with warmth, opening the flower of your heart, petal by petal.
  4. A dazzling waterfall of shimmering white light, coming from the Source, passing through all the Archangels, is flowing into your crown and down into your heart. The golden and the white light merge and radiate out through your entire aura.
  5. Archangel Michael is placing his deep blue bubble of protection around you now.
  6. Your Guardian Angel and personal Unicorn are here to take you on a journey to meet Archangel Chamuel. Your Guardian Angel helps you to climb up on the Unicorn’s back easily. The three of you are going on this journey together. Flying across the vanilla sky, feeling the cool breeze, there is a sense of wonder in your heart. As the white clouds part, you find yourself on the other side, where the sky is pink and there is music in the air.
  7. You can see rows of Angels of love singing in the glory of Archangel Chamuel. You are invited to enter the crystal cave and meet with the Archangel of Love. You greet him and he enfolds you in the warmest embrace that you have ever experienced…(pause). You realize that perhaps this is what unconditional love feels like.
  8. He now invites you to sit or lie down on a rose quartz bed and with your permission, he is now working on cleansing your heart……(pause). You may sense hundreds of Angels of Love smiling over you and their soft hands stroking and cleansing your aura.
  9. The Archangel holds a huge pink crystal in front of your heart. As though the crystal has a magnetic pull, it begins to absorb and extract all dullness and blocks from your heart and your entire being…(pause)
  10. All hurt, pain, or unforgiveness that you have held towards your father and all male figures since childhood till now, are being dissolved and extracted now. This includes your siblings, friends, partners or other people you have met in this life.
  11. All hurt, pain, or unforgiveness that you have held towards your mother and all female figures since childhood till now, are being dissolved and extracted now.
  12. The angels do a very thorough job, as they continue to heal your heart. The Unicorns join them in healing your soul. You watch as all the hurt, pain or unforgiveness leave you, that you once held towards anyone, including your teachers, friends, other family members, towards your current partner or ex-partners.
  13. You then see the Angels and your Unicorn pour dazzling pure white light through your soul-star chakra into your entire being ……(pause)
  14. Archangel Chamuel now gently places a brilliant bubble of liquid pink light around your heart chakra. The bubble expands and this liquid love is flowing through the blood in your body. Every cell of your body is carrying and sharing the message of love with another cell. You are a being of love, made in the image of our perfect Creator. God is Love and so are you…. (Pause)
  15. You see your place in the Heart of God…(Pause)
  16. Enjoy the bliss, the sweetness, and the expansion. Allow yourself to melt into His Love.
  17. Know that it is safe for you to give and receive love fully. The more you share this love, the more you have to share with others. Your love is infinite and ever so expansive.
  18. It’s time to thank God, His Angels, Archangel Chamuel, and your Unicorn for filling your heart and soul with love, caring, and joy.
  19. With your Unicorn and Guardian Angel, you walk out of the crystal chamber. You are full of gratitude and bliss.
  20. Together you fly across the pink sky and through the vanilla white clouds.
  21. You gently return to the room where you started from.
  22. Send thick roots deep into Mother Earth and bless her. Ground yourself well and feel the protection of Archangel Michael once again, helping you hold all the wonderful blessings you have received today.
  23. Smile and gently open your eyes. Namaste!

Created by Meghaa Gupta, Master Teacher from India