by Sameeta Nanjiani

Animal Guides Closeby

Animals and birds are fantastic guides, and at times they can act as messengers from the spiritual realms. It’s been long that I have felt a deep connection with elemental kingdoms. My own experiences with them have given me great insights into the spiritual connection we can build with them, and I have done my fair share of researches too to get to know more about them. During my meditations, I have received many times, messages from the birds, butterflies, and even dragonflies. Sometimes the cats would also come close and would sit around the moment I sit for my meditations.

The garden close to my home is abundant, and I often get to see various unique birds and butterflies. At times I would have a strong feeling like they are here to visit me. So I began to talk, greet them, and give them some food daily. Slowly these greetings became my daily morning habit that brings immense joy and fun in my life. I gave names to these two unique birds that are from the Humming Bird family, called the Sun Birds. This particular pair of birds would come almost every day on my window, with their wings moving fast, they talk to me in their language. I also speak to them in my language and feel that we both communicate with love. Soon another two unique birds called Greater Coucal made it their ritual to visit me daily. They also come now every day to greet me. It feels so wonderful.

Greater Coucal

Mantis in Egypt

I travel to Egypt very often for the spiritual retreats that I organise, during one such visit, I had a special interaction with a mantis in one of the temples in Egypt. It was evening time, and I was with my group when I decide to sit alone to relax on a prominent stone structure there, and to my surprise, I see next to me this beautiful green Mantis watching me consistently. I become very still for a while and was observing it. The moment I started to talk, it began to dance with its thin legs and opened its big eyes, watching me constantly as if sending some signal or divine energy of love to me or simply communicating with me. I asked for permission from it respectfully to take a picture before leaving the temple. The interaction with Mantis made me realise that my ability to communicate with these beings is extraordinary.

Meditation with Cats

My interactions with cats go back to my younger days. I have always felt they are my best friends, and I can talk to them anytime. With time this bond has grown stronger, and I figured that I was able to communicate and even understand their body language very well. Now sometimes the cats mediate with me, play with me and give me messages when I need them. You will find me communicate with the stray cats and dogs in my locality; in fact, they find comfort near me and sit on my windows and doorsteps for hours.

Last week, as usual, these two came in the morning for food and sat at my window space, so I decide to talk to them about Atlantian times and tell them a short story. I was surprised to see their body language and attention to listening. The moment I spoke about how we use to talk and understand animal language during those times, one of the cats began responding with ‘meows,’ and their body gestures made me feel like they are conveying to me that they know about it. I decided to meditate and asked the cat to connect me with the Atlantis and help me to open up my psychic gifts of communicating with animals efficiently. To my surprise, after the meditation, I felt my heart was palpitating, and I saw both cats lying down on each side as if they were meditating with me. Ever since I meditated with the cats, I have felt my psychic connection and communication skills have enhanced.

It’s a feeling of sheer joy and happiness that I feel when I talk with these Cats, Birds, and Elementals, and they have now become part of my extended family.

Much gratitude

Sameeta Nanjiani