Full Moon Meditation – February 27th, 2021

A Journey to Meet A Wise Animal and Receive Messages From Your Angels

  1. Take a deep breath and feel your body relaxing.
  2. Feel beautiful golden roots connecting you to Mother Earth.
  3. Be aware of your connection with Source. Bring down Light from Source through your whole body and aura, and ask Archangel Sandalphon to anchor it into Hollow Earth.
  4. Ask Archangel Michael to enfold you in his shimmering, deep blue cloak of protection.
  5. Now you are ready for a beautiful journey to meet and receive messages from your angels, delivered to you by a wise animal.
  6. You feel open, curious, excited and totally safe. You have your beautiful Guardian Angel and your loyal dragon companion next to you.
  7. You find yourself at the start of a narrow path that leads into a big, ancient forest. It is nighttime and a magical full moon is illuminating the night sky. Everything is covered in a thick blanket of snow. It is cool, but you don’t feel cold at all. There is so much magic in the air, and you can clearly feel Archangel Gabriel’s crystal clear, pure energy reflected in the snow.
  8. You start your journey following your beloved Dragon, who shows you the way. You walk just a few steps when the Dragon stops, shows you a huge old tree and asks you to greet the Guardian of the forest. Look at the tree and really notice it. How does it look? What kind of tree is it? ………..
  9. You touch the tree, greeting this majestic being and asking for permission and blessing on your journey.
  10. The tree replies, giving you its blessings on your journey. Hear its message now ………..
  11. With your heart filled with love and gratitude, you continue the journey, following your beautiful dragon companion. The fresh air, the beauty of the place, the light of the moon and the snow, fills you with so much joy.
  12. You suddenly notice movement close to you. As you look, you can see that underneath some holly covered in snow is a small rabbit sitting, watching you.
  13. ‘Blessed be, dear one,’ the rabbit says. ‘I am delighted to meet you.’ As you come closer, you can see that the rabbit is enfolded in a cocoon of Archangel Gabriel’s light. You become aware of so much love pouring towards you. ‘It is a privilege meeting you,’ continues the rabbit. ‘You are a Lightworker just as I am and I have a gift for you. This is a gift from my home planet, Orion, a planet of wisdom and healing. Use it wisely.’
  14. You open your hand and feel the velvety warmth of the rabbit’s paw dropping something small into it. What is it? How does it feel? What can you use it for? And the rabbit explains; take time to listen to its message………..
  15. You look up to express your gratitude but you realize you are standing alone. You send your loving thoughts to the rabbit and all rabbits and are ready to continue your journey.
  16. Once again there is movement and from behind the holly, your beautiful Unicorn steps forward.
  17. ‘You thought you could do this important journey without me?’ says your Unicorn, sending you loving energy. You are delighted and your heart is even more filled with joy and love.
  18. Then you continue the journey, breathing in the freshness of the air and the snow, breathing in the golden magic of the night.
  19. At last your Dragon stops in front of an old, very tall and wide tree. You all gather: your Guardian Angel, your Dragon, and your Unicorn. ‘Here we are,’ your Dragon says. ’We have arrived.’
  20. You catch your breath, and you look around. Then above your head, you hear a sound. As you look up, you see the most beautiful wise owl sitting on the lowest branch of the tree, looking at you. The night is so bright that you can clearly see the beautiful owl and its huge, wise eyes.
  21. ‘Welcome to you all,’ says the owl. ‘I am so happy that you came. I am the wise owl of the forest. And I have a message for you from the Angelic Realm.’
  22. You get even closer to the lovely wise messenger. And the wise owl tells you the message. He is also able to answer your questions. Take your time to listen ……
  23. Then, when he finishes talking, you take time to let the message settle and looking around, take it all in.
  24. ‘And now it is time for us to return,’ says your Dragon.
  25. ‘I think it is a good decision, as the dawn is approaching,’ says the wise owl. ‘But remember, you can always connect to me from now on, if you wish to do so.’
  26. You express your heartfelt gratitude to the owl.
  27. Then you start your journey back. Quietly, enjoying the beautiful place, still following your Dragon, you return to where you started.
  28. Thank your loving companions. Take a deep breath and feel roots going down into the earth. Become aware of Archangel Michael’s protective cloak around you, and open your eyes.

Created by Melinda, Elisabeth White Rose, Denmark