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Full Moon Meditation – October 1st 2020

 A Journey To A Crystal Cave To Receive Healing By Your Personal Healer

  1. Make sure you’re sitting comfortably on your chair and relax. Feel your body becoming heavier and heavier.
  2. Send golden roots through your feet to the crystal of Mother Earth. Open yourself up to unconditional love from Source, which is moving down through your higher chakras and into your physical body.
  3. Archangel Michael places his royal blue cloak around you and your guardian angel wraps his wings around you. You are feeling perfectly safe and protected.
  4. Now you are in a sparkling crystal cave. Look around at all the crystals and feel their energy.
  5. In the middle of the cave is your personal crystal. The crystal has been waiting for you and would like to work with you. Notice its colours and its light. After making this connection with your crystal, you walk towards a glowing light at the end of the cave.
  6. As you step outside, you are standing on a rock plateau. Below you there is a magnificent forest. Shimmering crystal houses of many colours shine like lanterns through the leaves of the trees. The moon smiles at you.
  7. A majestic dragon is approaching you from the night sky. It is your personal dragon. He lands next to you and puffs gently at you to say hello. You move towards him and sit on his back. Together you fly over the treetops until you are ready to land. You signal your dragon and he lowers himself through the trees, coming to rest beside a crystal house. You lower yourself down, feeling the forest moss below your feet.
  8. Notice what type of crystal the house is made of. Feel the special energy that radiates from it.
  9.    A light being appears to you from out of the house. He greets you kindly and is familiar to you. This is your personal healer and you know his name.
  10. You say goodbye to your dragon, who flies into the moonlit sky. Your healer welcomes you into the house. He leads you into a beautiful healing room and invites you to lie down on a glowing crystal bed.
  11. As you allow yourself to relax, the healer clears your physical, emotional, spiritual and soul body with his vast healing light. Now he places his hands on your heart and you feel your heart expanding. Your abundant heart energy flows to every single cell of your body. All your cells begin to sparkle, radiating this wonderful healing energy.
  12. Stay a while longer and enjoy being bathed in this light and unconditional love.
  13. When the healing is complete, you slowly stand up and your healer hands you a special potion in a golden cup, explaining that this will help to accelerate your ascension. As you drink the potion, you feel its powerful effects in your entire body.
  14. You are feeling light and energetic and your healer accompanies you outside where a loving unicorn joyfully awaits you. This is your unicorn.
  15. You greet your unicorn and feel the heart connection between you. It invites you to sit on its back. You say goodbye to your healer and thank him. You sit up on your unicorn.
  16. Together you soar into the magical starlit sky. You see there are many unicorns and dragons flying alongside you. They bless you and surround you in rainbows. You take this wonderful blessing and embody the joyful rainbows.
  17. You land on the rock plateau in front of the crystal cave.
  18. You say goodbye to your unicorn and thank him. You walk inside the crystal cave and back to your personal crystal.
  19. You touch your crystal and bless it with the special energy that you have received. You enjoy how it glows.
  20. Notice what colour your crystal is now. Pick the crystal up in your hands. If you wish, you may place it into your heart.
  21. Now it is time to go back to where you started. Bring your awareness to your feet and remember your golden roots connecting you to Mother Earth. When you are ready, open your eyes.

This is a healing meditation which you can repeat as many times as you feel the need.

 Created By Yvonne Buschmann, Germany