FULL MOON MEDITATION – 10th January 2020


Before starting this meditation, light a candle to honour your mighty I AM Presence, the original divine spark that Source created and which is also called your Monad.

1. Close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep breaths.

2. Visualise big, strong, golden roots growing deep down into Mother Earth to anchor themselves.

3. See Archangel Michael’s protecting cloak sparkling around you. Call your Guardian Angel very close and ask him to put his wings around you tenderly. The wings softly enfold you and you feel very loved.

4. Invoke the Goddess energies – Mary, Isis, Kuan Yin, Lady Venus and any other Divine Mothers that come to your mind -to support you with this visualisation.

5. Visualise yourself in a beautiful, pure white, winter land. You are feeling warm and relaxed. You see the snow magically sparkling all around you and the soft feminine light of the moon is bathing you.

6. Call forth a powerful column, a high frequency Christ Light, to descend. Visualise it coming down through your Antakarana, the bridge of Light that connects you to Source, and through your higher chakras into your heart.

7. The energy is so powerful that as soon as it enters your heart it causes a pool of love to ripple. The heart widens and the love ripples out and flows and expands.

8. Send the Christ Light and your love down into the Earth to be anchored.

9. Think of your mighty I AM Presence, which is the highest frequency aspect of yourself. Feel how it, like a mighty sun, powerfully overlights you. Identify with your I AM Presence by affirming ‘I AM THE MONAD’.

10. Allow the power, the love and the light of your Monad to wash over you. Feel it powerfully take away any lower emotions in your emotional body. See your emotional body clear and sparkling with high vibrational emotions and feelings. Your emotions are now aligned with the Divine. In this state all you can feel is immense love for yourself and for everyone. Set the intention to forgive yourself for anything that you might have done and feel that this is truly so. Set the intention to forgive everyone in your life for what they might have done and feel that this is truly so.

11. Now let the power, love and light also wash over your mental body, aligning your thoughts with the Divine. Your thoughts are now aligned with your highest purpose and they move you forward and bring you success.

12. Focus on your heart again. See the pool of high frequency love rippling in your heart and once again feel immense love for yourself and everyone. Ask yourself: how much love am I allowing in and how much love am I allowing out? Become aware that you can control the amount. You may wish to set the intention to increase it. Do so now.

13. You have the opportunity now to ask for a message from your heart. The heart is able to communicate with you, so listen and allow a message to come through….

14. Sense the Goddesses coming closer to you. They are bathing you with Divine Mother Love and embracing you. You feel nurtured and loved.

15. Maybe the Goddesses also have a message for you … maybe it is the same as the one you have already been given from your heart or maybe it complements the previous message.

16. It is time to return. With gratitude in your heart, slowly bring your consciousness back into your space and into your body. Start moving and open your eyes, still radiating immense love.

17. Take a moment of time to reflect on the message that you were given.

Contributed by Franziska Siragusa, Rome